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The Hydrant Dog Care

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The Play Ground

Play care:

Pack Play with other dogs highly social environment with dogs of similar temperament/ Play Camp is the most fun your dog can have, away from home. But make no mistake: there’s important work that happens in that environment. It all has to do with making sure you have a well-adjusted, properly socialized, and "balanced" dog. Socialization is extremely important for all dogs. When your dog can interact playfully and respectfully with other dogs, he or she is happier and a more pleasant companion.

Full day: $40 Half Day $25 Overnight $60

- Boarding we offer boarding 7 days a week that includes all-day play!


- Memberships- We offer a variety of different packages to meet your needs!


 - Grooming by Paw Parlor - by appointment


- Exit baths for Small, Medium, and Large dogs!


Fuller & Erins Story

Spencer Fuller and his wife, Erin Graham, opened the facility at 28 West South Fourth Street in mid-February to cater to dogs of all breeds and sizes. It offers full and half-day daycare, as well as boarding, and plans are in the works to create new packages and services.

The facility has 11,000 square feet of climate-controlled indoor space for the puppies to play in, including a large area full of toys and play structures. In a smaller “chill out area,” classical music plays on repeat while a television broadcasts calming scenes simulating adventures like walking through a forest.

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  • Are there toys?
    During the summer months we offer kiddie pools, sprinklers, hoses and ice cubes. Throughout the year our doggy daycare areas boast large play equipment, tires and chew toys, ensuring that your pet always has something to do! Our daycare technicians will vary activities from day to day, offering water time, ball time, scent games and more, depending on the time of year and the energy level of the pack.
  • Prices?
    We offer Full day Playcare for $40, Half day for $25 and Overnight boarding for $60. Holiday boarding subject to price changes.
  • Do you board aggressive dogs?
    No, we strive for a safe space for all dogs to play in a pack. Please note that the Hydrant must be notified of any human aggression at the time of making the reservation. Failure to do so will cause The Hydrant to terminate further services with the client(s).
  • Pick up?
    All boarding guests should be picked up by 10am to avoid an additional night charge.
  • What should I bring?
    We allow our boarding guests to bring in a few toys, food, treats, bedding, leash, collar, and any medications or personal care items. If you prefer, we are happy to feed your dog or cat our kennel kibble. However, a sudden change to a pet's diet may cause intestinal distress and diarrhea. For those pets who do not come in with their own bedding, we provide cots and beds to all of our guests. If you are bringing in food, medications, or medical care supplies, we ask that you provide us with enough for a few extra days, just in case things don't go as planned and you are unable to return by your scheduled date of departure.
  • My dog was in an altercation how does this happen?
    Just like children playing on playgrounds, in daycare or at school, can get hurt from time to time, dogs playing with each other on the playgrounds can get hurt too. Dogs play with their mouths and paws and like to wrestle around on the ground with each other. Because we have a high number of staff in the playrooms and because of the training program our staff is required to complete, injuries are rare. If injuries do occur, you (not Central Pet) are responsible for any medical expenses for your dog, as you would be for a child. You need to be sure that you are comfortable with this before allowing your dog to play in the playroom. If you are not, day boarding is a great way for your pup to have some fun without being a part.
  • Do you provide food?
    We highly encourage all clients to provide their own food to avoid upset stomachs in their pets. With that said, we are happy to provide food to your canine or feline pet during their stay. A feline will also be served Feline Diamond Natural Chicken and Rice. We, unfortunately, do NOT provide wet food for our guests. If your pet has a specific diet or food restrictions and you forgot to bring food, we suggest you buy something from our retail area. Effective May 23, 2023 we will charge $3 per meal for all clients that request to have us feed our provided food. This policy change is due to the ongoing supply chain shortages and the constant rise in prices. This is an effort to continue to keep our current prices and continue said service. We highly encourage all clients to provide their own food to avoid upset stomachs in their pets. There is no additional charge for bringing your own food. If you have any questions regarding our kennel food policy, please ask one of our Customer Service Representatives at check-in or reach out via email/phone. If your pet suffers from allergies, we request that you bring in their usual food from home. Be aware that any sudden switch in your pet's diet may cause gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea. For this reason, bringing in their usual diet is highly recommended.
  • Have a special routine that you would like us to follow?
    No problem! For a minimal fee, we offer, walks, Frozen kongs, Yak sticks, one on one play time, turn-down services, and more to ensure that your pet's schedule is not interrupted. Ask us about our Additional Services, and we'll help you customize a stay that works for you and your pet!
  • Schedule?
    Great question! We want your pet to feel right at home when staying with us. We ensure that they arre out playing with the pack all day. In addition, feeding is done at 6am, 12pm, and 4pm.
  • What are the daycare requirements?
    All pets in our daycare program must have all vaccines required (Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella,lepto and Rabies), must be spayed/neutered after 1 year, and pass a Temperament test.
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Promos and Events


Pup Jam

Annual Adoption Party

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Monthly Parties

Sign up as a member for access to monthly parties and events!

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We have a tons of add-ons from a 1 hour hike to frozen Kong Treats. 

Partners & Friends

Rocky Mountain Hound

Love this charm for your dog's collar or your keys! I definitely recommend 

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come play with us

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